First Aid Courses-CPR

A couple of years ago the old telephone boxes in Rushden, Wallington and Sandon were renovated and AEDs (automatic external defibrillator) installed. Familiarisation sessions were held and here is a reminder of some main points to consider in an emergency.

If the patient is unconscious and not breathing normally shout for and get assistance. You won’t be able to cope on your own! CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) needs to be started immediately

Call 999 from a landline or a mobile, there is no ‘phone in the ‘phonebox. Tell the operator the exact location of the patient. The operator will give you the code to access the box containing the AED, they give you instructions and will most likely stay on the line and guide you through the process. The code is 4 digits which must be prefixed with C (clear)

Take the AED to the patient. Follow the instructions the AED and the operator give you.

Starting CPR immediately and continuing until the emergency services arrive is crucial.

Why not enrol on a first aid course? You can learn CPR and gain a lot of other useful knowledge in a session lasting only half a day. Both the Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance run regular courses at reasonable cost in nearby towns such as Stevenage and Hertford.

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