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Drone image of Rushden by John Dingemans

In Touch Newsletter

Our Rector Fiona Wheatley is keeping in touch with us all writing a weekly newsletter containing news and inspiring stories. Click on the images of the newsletters below to download.

Do you have a favourite hymn you could share with us, a photo, something about how you are dealing with the current crisis or what you would like to see in In Touch.  Fiona would love to hear from you so that we can share around the benefice.


Please send anything to:

In Touch 2021

Click on the image of the newsletter to download.

Kingswood Intouch option 2 Jan 10th.jpg

10th January

Kingswood Intouch 31 Jan 2021.jpg

31st January

Kingswood In Touch 7 February.jpg

7th February

Kingswood Intouch option 14th Feb 2021.j

14th February

Kingswood InTouch 21 February 2021.jpg

21st February

Kingswood Intouch 28 Feb 2021.jpg

28th February

Kingswood Intouch 7 March 2021.jpg

7th March

Kingswood Intouch 21st March 2021.jpg

21st March

Kingswood Intouch 28th March.jpg

28th March

Kingswood Intouch 11 April 2021.jpg

11th April

Kingswood Intouch 25 April 2021 .jpg

25th April

In Touch 2020

Click on the image of the newsletter to download.

1.intouch newsletter_March.png

20th March

2.intouch newsletter_26Marc.png

25th March

3.intouch newsletter_28Marc.png

28th March

intouch newsletter_3 April.jpg

3rd April

intouch newsletter_Easter 12 April.png

12th April

intouch newsletter_18 April.jpg

18th April

intouch newsletter_25 April.jpg

26th April

intouch newsletter_2May.jpg

2nd May

intouch newsletter_9 May.jpg

9th May

intouch newsletter_14 May.jpg

16th May

intouch newsletter_23 May.jpg

24th May

intouch newsletter_31 May.jpg

31st May

intouch newsletter_6 June.jpg

6th June

intouch newsletter_14 June.jpg

14th June

intouch newsletter_21 June.jpg

21st June

intouch newsletter_28June.jpg

28th June

intouch newsletter_5July.jpg

5th July

intouch newsletter_12 July.jpg

12th July

intouch newsletter_26 July.jpg

26th July

intouch newsletter_9 Aug-V3.jpg

9th August

intouch newsletter_23 Aug.jpg

23rd August

intouch newsletter_13 September.jpg

13th September

intouch newsletter_25 September.jpg

25th September

intouch newsletter_18 Oct.jpg

18th October

intouch_8th November.jpg

8th November

intouch_15 November.jpg

15th November

intouch newsletter_6 December.jpg

6th December

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Rushden Logo_for website-04.png