A Message From The Puckeridge Hunt

I understand that there are some of the Rushden residents that are upset by the Hunt passing through the village last Saturday.

Please can I put your minds at ease with regards to the safety of livestock and pets. Although Hounds are very large they are only interested in following the trials that have been laid previously and during the the Hunting day. Under the Hunting Act it is Illegal to chase and kill foxes hence the laying of trails taking place.

The Puckeridge Hounds actually live with sheep in their exercise paddock and are socialized with all other animals during their puppyhood by their Puppy Walkers.

Whilst it maybe distressing to see the pack split I can assure you that all hounds return to their Huntsman via a call on his horn and the Whipper-in goes to round up any others out of earshot.

During these unprecedented circumstances Covid regulations are adhered to throughout the day with a track and trace system operating for anybody involved, and Social distancing practised.

If you would like to know more about how the Hunting day or Hunting in general please feel free to contact myself Jenny Weeden

jennyweeden@gmail.com or 01763 288333

I am Chairman of the Puckeridge Hunt Supporters Committee.

Also you may contact Neil Macleod who is the Puckeridge Hunt Master responsible for our area.

01462742338 or ndjmacleod@hotmail.com.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope it brings some help and understanding to those that found it distressing .

On this final note may I please ask whether you agree with Hounds and hunting or not, if you wish to make your feelings known may you do so in a calm and polite manner when young children are present, as as adults we all need to set an example about the language we use in a public place.

Many thanks for your time again.


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