for all your support

We are the best village ever!!

You have made such a difference by helping to join in / support our Alternative Fete this year! Despite lockdown restrictions we have made over £4300 this year with more still to come in from the White elephant on eBay.

The sponsorship money was raised by the following fab exercisers:

Eva Whitton - walk

Sue Austin - walk

Brian Littlechild - cycle

Carole Littlechild - walk

Ian and Tom Roper - 5000 Lacross passes

Laura Macfarlane - run

Jo Bryant and her granddaughter Sariana - long distance walk

Sandra Sargusingh - horseride

Paul Cranwell - run and cycle

and here are all the results:

Grand Raffle - £1,133.00

Cakes - £277.50

Silver Trail - 202.01

Artworks on wood - £46.00

Hide and seek - £30.00

Garden border and pots - £27.00

Scarecrows - £45.00

White elephant (so far) - £120.00

Sponsors and donations - £2,435.26

TOTAL - £4,315.77

Thank you all so much - it means the hall and the church now have some funds to see us through until next year!

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