Our Alternative Christmas Bazaar is coming!

This year of course we are running our Christmas bazaar a little differently, but we are hoping you will still take part. All of the proceeds go towards the upkeep of the village hall and the church.

There are events to get involved with from the best Christmas decorated house/hedge/ tree (no illuminated Santa sleighs if you can help it please!).

To best decorated doggie - categories will be announced separately on the website. Small entry fees for fab prizes!

And the first event to begin is the reverse advent calendar taking place at the church every day in November. Yes November - that's so we can donate everything to the Food Bank in Letchworth in plenty of time for Christmas. More info on this to come too.

The scarecrows from the summer will feature on a gorgeous calendar for sale and themed Christmas masks will be available on our online store too.

The eBay sale is a chance for you to clear out some of those un-wanted items - everything goes to Karen Pettyfer to sell - who organised it so well in the summer she has been given the job again!

So please keep an eye out for the emails - we will try not to bombard you but we would love you to get involved.

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