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Operation carried out in North Herts

Officers stopped and checked more than 60 vehicles during a pro-active operation in North Herts on Tuesday (23 April).


Members of the North Herts Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) were joined by colleagues from the East Herts NPT as well as Trading Standards and HM Revenue & Customs in a multi-agency scheme on the A10 between Buntingford and Royston in Reed.


Drivers were stopped by officers and had their details and their vehicles checked, while the users of work vehicles were also spoken to by partner agencies.


North Herts and East Herts CSP continues to suffer the impact of road traffic offences in rural locations with perpetrators showing disregard for the law and committing road traffic offences as well as fly-tipping, rogue trading, thefts and county line drug dealing.


PC Jon Seppings, who organised the operation, said: “I’d like to thank members of the public for their co-operation as we carried out stop checks as part of our ongoing work to weed out perpetrators who show disregard for the law with intent to commit road traffic offences and also those who use the road network to commit crime.


“During the afternoon we stopped more than 60 vehicles including cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles.


“Words of advice were given to some drivers in relation to head lights and tyres which were low on tread, but not to the point of being illegal.


“One driver was issued with a TOR for driving with no insurance and he had his vehicle seized.”


HMRC dip sampled multiple vehicles to ensure that they were using the correct fuel and not carrying anything they shouldn’t be, while North Herts Council officers and Trading Standards assisted to ensure that all vehicles had the appropriate documentation for transferring any waste material.

Sceptre test-purchasing of knives carried out in North Herts

An underage test purchase of knives in North Herts was carried out as part of a national knife crime initiative called Sceptre.


Knife-related crime remains lower in Hertfordshire than in other parts of the country, but the campaign aims to reinforce the message that carrying a knife is illegal and will not help to keep you safe.


The test purchases took place at stores in Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock and Royston last week.


Student volunteers from the North Herts College Uniformed and Protective Services course assisted officers with the operation, which involved two under-18 students attempting to buy a knife without identification. On four out of five attempts, the students were refused a purchase due to having no age confirming documents. Following the attempt, officers then debriefed the stores about the test purchase outcomes.


Community Safety Unit Sergeant Chris Adshead said: “We saw an 80 percent pass rate from the test purchase operation, which was pleasing, however there is work to do for those who failed.


“The message is positive in that from previous test purchasing we have carried out, stores are really tightening up their procedures and it was great to see most had seen advice letters sent out reminding them about age checking any such sale and advising future test purchasing will be carried out.


“We’d also like to thank students from North Herts College who volunteered for the initiative and hope it gave them a real insight into aspects of policing.”



Hertfordshire’s Safeguarding Adults Board launches cuckooing awareness campaign


Hertfordshire’s Safeguarding Adult Board (HSAB) is launching a campaign to help raise awareness of ‘cuckooing’.


Cuckooing is where criminals take over the homes of vulnerable people to use as a base for their activities, and reporting of offences is relatively low in Hertfordshire compared to other parts of the UK. However, it is likely that this type of crime is being under reported, either because people do not recognise it is happening or they are too frightened of the potential consequences. 


During 2024, ninety nine cuckooing offences were reported across the county, with Stevenage (28), Welwyn Hatfield (19) and Dacorum (14) having the highest number of incidents.


As part of the campaign a public survey was conducted to gauge current levels of understanding of cuckooing. The survey was completed by over 1000 residents, and has helped to get a better idea of some of the issues and barriers to reporting.


Liz Hanlon, Independent chair of the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board, said: “Cuckooing is a hidden crime, which often goes undetected by police and other agencies. Victims are often unwilling or unable to seek help due to being vulnerable or under the control of violent offenders. Often this can have serious long-term consequences for victims, who are mainly young, elderly, disabled or have drug or financial problems. Those living close to a cuckooed address will also suffer from criminal activities and anti-social behaviour in their communities.


“It is likely that cuckooing in Hertfordshire is under reported and can be difficult for police and other agencies to detect, however it could be quite obvious to those living close to a cuckooed property, if they knew what signs to look out for. Once you learn the signs, it can be quite obvious that an address in your area may be being cuckooed. If you have spotted any of these signs, help to make your neighbourhood safer by reporting it.” 


Spot the signs of cuckooing:


An increase in the number of visitors to the property through the day and night, often visiting for only short periods of time.


An increased number of vehicles outside the property including taxis or hire cars.


The usual occupier of the property having new associates staying and bags of clothing and / or extra bedding in the property.


The occupier moving out or staying away from the property whilst an unknown person remains.


Evidence of drug use such as discarded syringes, foil and cling film in and around the property and evidence of drug dealing such as scales and deal bags.


An increase in local crime and anti-social behaviour, including the accumulation and storage of stolen pedal cycles.


Victims of cuckooing may disengage from support services and be unwilling to discuss what is happening at their property when the subject is raised with them.


Individuals with large amounts of cash or multiple mobile phones.


Excessive receipt of texts/phone calls.


Leaving a care placement without any explanation.


Suspicion of physical assault/unexplained injuries.


Carrying weapons.


Changes to emotional wellbeing



Local Crime

G4E - Ashwell, Hinxworth, Bygrave, Newnham and Caldecote


Interference of a Motor Vehicle,  High Street, Ashwell – On 1st April a van was targeted in High Street, Ashwell. The vehicles side door was damaged, and the offender gained entry.  No tools were stored in the van, and nothing was stolen.


Business Burglary, Station Road, Ashwell Road – Between 5th and 8th April a building site in Station Road, Ashwell was targeted by thieves. The offenders got onto site and broke into various lock ups and containers. The offenders stole a large quantity of power tools. 


Burglary, High Street, Ashwell – On 10th April a male was found at the back of the pub situated in the High Street, Ashwell. The male was found by staff attempting to break into an outbuilding of the pub.  The male was detained by staff and Police made an arrest. 


Theft of number plates, West End, Ashwell – Overnight on 27th April both number plates were stolen from a vehicle parked in the street. 



G4D – Barley, Barkway, Reed, Therfield, Kelshall and Nuthampstead


Attempted Burglary, High Street, Barkway – Overnight on 10th April a resiednbt woke up with a loud bang at the front door. The resident ran down the stairs and heard a vehicle drive away at speed. 


Attempted Burglary, Barley – Between 15th + 17th April a sports hut situated at the tennis club in Barley was damaged. The offenders have attempted to force the door but have failed causing damage to the door frame. 



G3C - Sandon, Wallington, Rushden, Clothall and Weston


Outbuilding Burglary, Sandon – Between 14th + 16th April the offender has approached a barn situated on farmland. The offender has cut the padlock to gain entry, once inside the offender targeted power tools and made off. 


Criminal Damage, Weston – On 26th April offenders entered the tennis club situated on Weston Recreation ground.  The offenders unwound all the nets at the club causing damage to the nets and tightening system. 




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