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The following letter was received from North Herts District Council. For further information on what we can put in our recycling bins, please go to:



Dear Parish Council Members,


I have sent this letter to let you know of the forthcoming improvements in the waste management service of this area and the whole of the district.


Expansion of brown bin scheme

We have recently received confirmation that we have been allocated sufficient funds to enable us to provide brown bins for composting garden waste to all households (except flats without gardens) currently not on the scheme.  We are delivering these bins during April and May 2006.


It is anticipated that when a plant capable of processing kitchen waste with the garden waste is available we will be able to advise residents that they can put kitchen waste into the brown bin. Once the new processing plant is operational we will be able to include flats without gardens on the scheme.


Future directions of recycling services in North Hertfordshire


We have gained Members’ approval for the addition of plastic bottles, cans and tins to be collected from your kerbside along with the paper and glass.  These additional materials are likely to come on line in September 2007.


The reason for waiting until September 2007 is because the vehicles on the waste management contract are due for renewal at that point. Currently our recycling vehicles have only two compartments (for paper and glass) and it would not be financially viable to modify them or purchase new vehicles with additional compartments at this point.


Once all of the recycling schemes are in place for green waste, paper, glass, plastic bottles and cans/tins, residents’ bins should not be full enough to require emptying weekly. There will be an opportunity at this point to review the frequency of emptying of the black bins. 


We are expanding our recycling service for a few key reasons.  Firstly our residents have expressed their opinions via various media; roadshows, emails, telephone calls etc and there is clearly a great demand for additional recycling facilities.


Secondly we are obligated to meet our recycling targets set by central government and as part of that we have targets to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste that is landfilled.  Those targets in particular are going to be challenging to achieve even with these measures previously mentioned.


If there are any queries or issues that have been raised from this information please do contact me via email or telephone so we can discuss them.




Yours sincerely


Jo Lines

Service Delivery and Development Officer

Waste Management Team


01462 474336 or



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