Welcome to Rushden & Wallington 

Parish Council

The new Parish Council website can be found at www.rushdenandwallingtonpc.co.uk

Need Council Help?
Here are some numbers that may be of use. 


0845 988 1188

Overgrown hedge/grass

01438 737320


01438 737320

Abandoned burnt out vehicle 

01462 474579

Broken phone booth 

0800 661 610

Rushden Councillors:-  


Steve Pettyfer (Chair 2019/20)  stephenpettyfer@rushdenandwallingtonpc.co.uk

Linda Hill  lindahill@rushdenandwallingtonpc.co.uk

Ian Roper  ianroper@rushdenandwallingtonpc.co.uk

Mark Hopley  clerk@rushdenandwallingtonpc.co.uk


Wallington Councillors:-

Kate Heath  

Graham Lamb


North Herts District Councillor and County Councillor:-

Mr Steve Jarvis steve.jarvis@north-herts.gov.uk 


Clerk to the Parish Council        

Mark Hopley  clerk@rushdenandwallingtonpc.co.uk 


North Herts District Council  

Gernon Road, 

Letchworth  SG6 3JF  

Tel 01462 474000 Fax 01462 474227

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Rushden Logo_for website-04.png